Top 5 Camel Coat Styles

If ever there was a an outerwear staple for every woman's wardrobe it's a CAMEL COAT. In a slew of shapes, lengths, and weights, it's impossible not to find the right one for your body, your personality, and your lifestyle. My top five favorites, of which will always be in style, are these guys:

  1. The Waterfall - Probably the most comfortable coat you'll ever own, worn open and loose, it's a great weekend topper over jeans and a sweater. 

  2. The Wrap - Your mom had one.. so did your grandma.. so did your great grandma! This style never dates because it's an enduring classic. So timeless, so chic.

  3. The Cape - Slightly mod and a little unexpected, a cape is a fantastic way to take the classic camel coat to a new place. It's a great next purchase if you already own one or more of the other styles. 

  4. The Topcoat - Supremely polished and perfect for work, a smart topcoat steals from the boys, but retains an understated feminine elegance. 

  5. The Slouch - Long and luxe, a slouchy topper ads a little drama to basic skinnies and your favorite t-shirt.