Rainy Day Essentials

Trench Coat: J Crew, Similar // Jeans: Zara (Similar, Love these too!) // Blouse: Old, Similar // Boots: Dolce Vita // Scarf: Zara (Similar) // Sunglasses: SPY // Watch: Olivia Burton // Handbag Trench Coat: C/O The Gussy

Somehow, as fall arrives in the midwest, things seem to get greener rather than browner. Why, you ask? IT'S SO RAINY!

Sloppy weather tempts me to dress sloppily and as the rains continues to fall I'm challenged to find stylish ways to keep dry. I tend to reach for rainy day staples like a trench coat, cropped jeans (aptly aliased 'high-waters'), and an oversized scarf: they're cute, classic, and totally comfortable in the rain. More than a few times as I leave the house in the middle of a rainstorm, smiling to myself at how smartly dressed I am, I reach for my favorite handbag and think, 'Oh, whoops... do I really want this get wet?' Can it handle rain? Will I ruin it? Should I just carry a canvas tote... wait, no closures, everything inside will get soaked. Hmmm, Maybe this plastic bag.' Been there? You pull a classy look together to defy the rainy day sloppies and then actually consider carrying a plastic bag from the supermarket? What?!

Well, well, well. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the latest addition to my rainy day essentials: this pretty little raincoat for my handbag from The Gussy! It's totally waterproof, totally cute (love the piping!), and folds into a neat little square to be stored inside any handbag pocket when not in use. Rain gear isn't only about keeping your person dry; it's also about keeping your PURSE dry. Where has this thing been our whole rain soaked lives?!