Faux Fur Bomber
Seven For All Mankind Gwenevere Skinny Jean

Jacket: Thrifted // Turtleneck: J Crew // Jeans: Seven For All Mankind // Boots: Public Desire // Clutch: Clare V. // Sunglasses: Karen Walker

I have bonafide cravings for thrift store shopping. So... when I found myself unoccupied last Friday afternoon I got really excited about a trip to my local Savers. Although I've always been a thrifter my immersion in fashion blogging has sharpened my eye for finding buried gold as a way to interpret current trends. Strolling the aisles, I always have a list of items to hunt for in the back of my mind. This time I was scouring for anything suede or velvet, vintage jeans, silk scarves (as always), funky plaid coats jackets... and FUR. When I saw this faux fur bomber on the rack I actually leapt at it. My heart was pounding, NO WAY!  Should I believe my eyes! The color was spot-on, the condition was near perfect, and the fit is exactly what I'm feeling these days: cropped, chunky, and a little bomber-ish.

Actually wearing it turned out the be pretty easy. It's such a statement maker I chose to keep everything else simple and casual: skinny jeans, a basic turtleneck, and a funky new pair of velvet booties I scored from Public Desire. No lie: I went back to Savers a few days later (I had a craving) and found ANOTHER ONE, this time in chocolate brown. Stay tuned to see how I style it up for a night out! 

I've heard a lot of advice for making thrift store shopping fruitful, but to me it comes down to three simple rules:

  • Wear your current favorites (jeans, shirt, shoe) when you thrift shop. This provides a practical base for pairing your candidates and can be a litmus test for pieces you might be unsure of. If your 'real' clothes complement your thrift finds, you've probably found a winner.
  • Have a mental list of what you're looking for. When confronted with the endless racks of a thrift store it helps to have your eye peeled to certain shapes, fabrics, and colors. And seriously, there's something karmic about 'putting into the universe' what you really want. Every time I think 'I'd like to find a some suede, or maybe a pair of old jeans', I leave the store with those very things.
  • Go with your gut and take a chance. Ever seen something fabulously cool/weird/edgy and were into it, but not sure why.... and then decided against it? Next time BUY IT! Your subconscious was telling you something!

Happy hunting, fellow thrifters! 

But if you can't wait for the thrifting gods to shine, there are plenty of other faux fur bomber options available right here>>>

Clare V. Calf Hair Clutch
Public Desire Velvet Boot
Faux Fur Bomber Jacket
Faux Fur Bomber Jacket
Faux Fur Bomber Jacket, Forage Fashion
Seven For All Mankind Gwenevere Skinny Jean
Clare V. Leopard Calf Hair Clutch
Faux Fur Bomber Jacket