The Bridge at Halls KC

Dress: Julie Brown NYC C/O Halls // Pumps: Marc Fisher // Coat: Zara (Love this one too!) // Sunglasses: Quay

As a steadfast online shopper it takes a lot to get me inside an actual brick and mortar store. I don't have time to troll around just any retail outlet, ok. If I'm gonna drive, park, and walk, the offerings had better be unusual, stimulating, and beyond chic. This is precisely what I got when I visited my locally-grown upscale department store simply known as Halls.

Even though Halls is a bonafide department store with selections in home goods, beauty, and men's and women's apparel, the place feels like a boutique. I could tell every item on the racks had been carefully selected and curated for the KC woman. Yes, they've got Louis, Gucci, and Prada, but it's artfully placed astride items from the best local designers and jewelers. (Could Alicia and Jennifer Janesko be any more fabulous? And is anyone else's mind completely blown by Asiatica lately?!?) I found myself really absorbed with every piece on the racks because they were all so beautiful and unusual. Damn, KC... most people don't know how fabulous you can be!

After drooling over all the designer pieces (Tibi, Akris Punto, and Eileen Fisher were some of my faves) I found Halls' actual in-store boutique known as The Bridge. I can't even!... Sooooo many cute things from the likes of Cupcakes and Cashmere and Scotxh and Soda! After trying on too many stunners to count I realized this dress is what's been missing in my life. The classy-sexy mod cut first caught my eye, but the faux fur trimming at the hem is what finally sold me. LOVE! Worn over a black turtleneck and opaque tights I know this would be one hell of a show-stopper at work, but I'm leaning toward using it for all my upcoming holiday parties and gatherings. 

I feel like this dress exactly defines Kansas City style and the store housing the best of it: classy and understated, but fabulously daring and feminine. Now that I mentioned it, I think the dress might be the exact definition of my own style, too! Any of you local gals needing something great for your wardrobes? Peruse The Bridge at Halls. You'll definitely find something fitting, fabulous, and off the beaten path.