White Shirtdress... As a Shirt

Shirt(dress): Forever 21 // Pants: J Crew // Pumps: Schutz // Sunglasses: Quay // Rings: Forever 21 // Necklace: Forever 21

I love when a retailer tries to sell me a 'dress' that's actually more appropriate on my frame as a 'shirt'. It makes me chuckle because I'm tall, my legs are long, and I'm probably older and bigger than their average buyer. Many dresses (especially those in less expensive prices ranges) are far too short for a woman my age and size to be wearing with any dignity. But I'm figuring out just how lovely these 'dresses' can be when reappropriated as tunics and shirts. Take this white tie-front shirtdress from Forever 21. Standing in front of my mirror trying to style this as an actual dress I felt tacky and a little cheap looking. BU-UT... when I threw on a classy trouser, some grown up heels, and styled the dress as a tie-waist shirt, it suddenly felt sophisticated, timeless, and a little edgy. It's such a revalation I'm actually becoming obsessed with finding 'dresses' that would be better as 'shirts'. I did it last week, I'm doing it today, and I'll definitely be doing it again tomorrow. Try it!