Weekend Rain

Raincoat: J Crew (Old, Similar) // Jeans: J Brand // T Shirt: J Crew // Button Down: Banana Rupublic (Available in Rose.. or splurge on this) // Sneaker: Superga // Sunglasses: Forever 21 (Similar.. and better!)

It is decided. Bar none, hands down, no contest: spring is my favorite season. Rainclouds are my favorite sight in the sky because they're helping these little buds all around me grow and bloom. I absolutely love the optimism of this season! The thawing and blossoming is such tender foreshadowing of the fun and sun in our near future! I cant stand it! I love it!

So it's been a little rainy these days (as I was opining) and I find myself reaching for a raincoat as my weekend topper when I'm running errands with Eric or walking around the lake in the morning. Being from Denver (where it rarely rains) I never needed to own a raincoat, but since living in Kansas City (where the wet season is quite pronounced) I find I really like having a hooded raincoat on hand. This one has a little 'swing' to it which feels very Sixties to me (Kellerman's, anyone?) so it felt right to pair it with a slim-cropped jean, a classic white sneaker (I LOVE Superga), and a pair of white cat eyes.

I feel like I'm channeling Baby a little, you know? Maybe I'll carry a watermellon up the hill later. Or try to help Penny. Or learn to dirty dance with Johnny and then fall madly in love. Now, I've... Had.... The time of my li-i-ife....

Anyway! Enjoy your spring weekend! Stay dry and keep your eye on the prize!