It's Been A Crazy Week!

Pants: Zara (Similar) // Turtleneck: Nordstrom Rack // Coat: J Crew (SO OLD! Similar) // Boots: Dolce Vita // Satchel: Madewell // Belt: Vintage Silk Scarf (Similar) // Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Where to start!? I took a small contract to work for a large corporation this week.. and although I had high hopes it would be amazing, I WAS HORRIBLY SUITED FOR THE WORK! Ahhhh! The worst! Anyway, all you cna do is handle it like a pro: communicate, be honest, be present, and keep smiling! More on this later.

And now the server for my blog host is crashing left and right and who knows if I'll even get this post up!  

I love love love a cropped (and wide legged) pant, but when it's this cold and snowy bare skin is a deal breaker. It's not an obvious combo, but a tall boot under a wide leg pays fabulous homage to those beleoved Seventies... and keeps me super toasty! Boom. Fashion and function just colided.