Grey Sweatpants?

'Did something happen to your other pants?', 'Those seem a little big... in the crotch', and the more straightforward 'WTF are you wearing?' are just a few of the questions and comments I received upon debuting my latest fashion trouser (the smart ass of the fashion industry) - THE GREY SWEATPANT. Yes, we're doing this - I think they look cool.

Eclecticism is such a most modern way to approach style - Strict pieces mixed with whimsy, feminine frills with hard edged masculinity, the tidy with the grungy. I think the arrival of sweatpants in fashion is the continuation of that eclecticism. In a high/low mix it takes the 'low' even lower - WHAT FUN!!

I'm definitely going to have these on repeat as the warmer weather wanes. I can't wait to layer them under tailored coats and jackets with gorgeous heels and messy hair - or maybe motorcycle boots and an updo - the options are truly endless.

Tank: Forever 21 (Thrifted)    Sweatpants: Asos 'Daisy Street Slim Jogger' (Similar version at Madewell - their version is definitely better, and they're on sale right now!)    Necklaces: J Crew (Both purchased on eBay - turquoise sash added by me)   Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Hough'    Clutch: Thrifted    Watch: Invicta    Sunglasses: Spitfire 'Coco'