Grey Days, Weekend Style

Coat: Forever 21 // Sweater: Zara (Similar) // Jeans: Levis // Shoes: Vince Camuto (Love these! and these!) // Sunglasses: Goldendaze (Similar

So, I went out and got lost the other day. Literally LOST. I love a grey day; the sky is a big light box and the photographic possibilities always seem endless! I was looking for some old bridge to shoot, but never found it, and instead wound up in this field. I have no idea where I am with the wrong idea about how to get home. But I was having a good time!

For my 'Grey Day' shoot I choose an ensemble of slouchy greys. There's a knee-jerk part of me that says I should have put on a yellow rainslicker or red golashes or something, but I actaully find layers of grey to be very tranquil and very chic. There's another knee-jerk part of my that says I should have defined my waist or put on a skinny jean, but I feel androgynous chic in slouchy layers and I think it looks quite elegant.

I've been looking around for more grey pieces to add to my wardrobe and I stumbled up on this car coat at Forever 21. (It's a steal at $60!)  It works for me a number of different ways: draped casually over my shoulders, cinched and belted, or even just ON. It'll be an easy piece to get cozy under as temps continue to cool. I bought a roomier size than normal so I could fit a chunky sweater or even a denim jacket underneath. I never regret bring home another coat: cold weather dressing is about having great outerwear.

I think I'm ready to get back out there to spend another day exploring back roads; this time with my Eric. Enjoy your weekend, friends! Stay warm and cozy!