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I've had a long standing relationship with my glasses. When my first grade teacher noticed my squinting at the chalkboard my parents promptly took me to the eye doctor for my first pair. No bargaining or amount of tears could save me from my fate, and I've had some form of eye wear attached to my head every day since. They're as much a part of me as my nose or my height. Although I felt awkward in them for most of my childhood years, I finally embraced being a 'four-eyes' after high school and started rocking really aggressive horn rimmed styles. This was long before my awareness of Jenna Lyons bespectacled chic-ness or 'nerd glasses' became sexy and fashionable, but I had found my 'look'. 

And then one day, last person to board a plane, this life long lover of tortoise shell was fated to the only remaining seat next to a hip young guy with the most beautiful pair of sunglasses carved from wood. The innate contradiction of these frames was so alluring to me. They were strong like my horn rims, but these conveyed a softness. The grain of the wood was so organic and inviting, but the unusualness of its application gave the glasses the subversion I like.

When global glasses company FIRMOO appeared, I was delighted to see they carried an affordable acetate version of wood frames and immediately had a pair shipped to my doorstep. Despite buying just about everything online, I've always gone to brick and mortar to fill my glasses prescriptions, but this couldn't have been easier. I just whipped out my prescription, filled in all the parameters, and within a week; had my new glasses. And I'm really loving them!

Glasses: Firmoo // Blouse: Vintage // Coat: Vintage // Purse: J Crew 'Goodwinn' (Similar HERE & HERE) // Watch: Daniel Wellington 'Classic Sheffield' // Necklace: Stella and Dot 'Rebel Pendant' // Earrings: Asos // Rings: Asos

Firmoo Wooden Frame Glasses
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