A Pretty Sundress

Dress: Asos // Shoes: Similar // Hat: Madewell // Sunglasses: Forever 21

HOLY SHIT it's been a week. 

My camera broke. The camera-fix-it-guy 'Nikon shamed' me until I was forced to strangle him with my garage sale camera strap (something he also shamed me for). My husband got a job offer for less moeny - that he took. I got a job offer - that I almost took, but only after being asked how I would describe the color yellow to a blind person. (It was a job as a photographer... the question wasn't completely out of left field... odd but delightful. Incidentally, I think yellow is laying on a blanket in a field of flowers with the sun kissing my skin and a little breeze making my hair tickle my cheek.) I ordered five pairs of sandals (the sales this week have been crazy!) though now I'm second guessing it because I'm not completely sandals will be appropriate for a new job. My dad's facing surgery. My mom is his only caretaker. AND TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! (How old am I, again?)

It's been a week.