Winter Weather (Style) Advisory

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Whelp... it's winter. It's the blessed season of snow shoveling and ice chipping, dark days and cold nights. All that and we've got weeks left of trying to figure out how to dress for the cold without looking like that kid from A Christmas Story. Here's how I keep it sleek and chic in a season that demands every inch of me be bundled and bulked.

Wool Coats: There is no end to my love of coats! I'm always looking for new colors and styles to add to my collection, my only caveat being they're 100% wool as there is no substitute for its warmth. I love cropped jackets for chilly fall days, but when winter sets in I crave something knee length or longer. Right now I love an oversize classic toggle coat worn on my shoulders like a cape.

Turtlenecks: It's the little things we forget to cover on a cold day that end up making us the most miserable. Hands, ankles and for me, my neck. If I leave the house with my decolletage exposed, I know I'm in for a miserable day of dodging the elements. I love an chunky fisherman sweater with a big collar to throw on over skinnys or a fitted style dressed up with a skirt or trousers.

Scarves: Enormous blanket scarves are all the rage right now and I, for one, couldn't be happier! I'm usually seen around town swaddled and draped in scarves the size of my bedspread. Not only are they warm, but they're the easiest way to add color and interest to my winter uniform of sweaters and jeans.

Hats: I feel almost invincible in the cold when I pull a hat into the mix! I guess our moms were right - 90% of our heat escapes through the head and hat helps to bottle it in. Beanies are everywhere right now (and I'm especially into ones with a pretty little pom on top), but don't rule out other styles like a trapper or winter fedora.

Ankle Boots: Warm dry feet are the cornerstone of cold weather comfort and I love an ankle boot (vs. full length) because of its versatility. Their easily thrown on with a range of denim styles and they give an instant mod-ness to dresses and skirts. You know I love a stiletto, but flat styles or those with a sturdy block heel do best when negotiating slippery piles of snow and ice.

Just remember, the days are getting longer, the Northern Hemisphere is getting warmer, and Spring will be here in no time. But until then; stay cozy, friends!