Thrift Store Thrill

Today I get back to my fashion roots and revisit the place that inspired this blog - THE THRIFT STORE. My girlhood money status didn't always permit indulging every trend that came through Contempo Casuals. Esprit, Express, Excluded. I learned very early that $20 at a thrift store could afford me that big bag of clothing I so desperately craved. I made a few mistakes and bought some atrocious pieces, but my attention wasn't focused on the tags (brand and price) so I was learning to see the important things - shape, fabric, and fit. 

Although my wardrobe today includes many store bought pieces, the fashion rebel in me doesn't want to wear mass produced clothing head to toe. I enjoy being different and I want to reflect that in my clothing. Thrift stores have always been my favorite place to find one of a kind gems to mix with my retail basics. It's with these sentiments I share three exceptional pieces found by digging through the racks at my favorite thrift stores.

First up is this bea-u-tiful beaded silk cardigan. I'm a sucker for anything sparkly (you too?) and though I see sequin encrusted sweaters and things all the time, this one is special. What first caught my eye is that it's not sequined, it's BEADED. It's heavy, the tag is old, and the lining is silk - it's effing awesome. I also kind of love how it echos the Altuzarra for Target Crane Sweater that just hits the racks.

Basic skinny jeans and a t-shirt look dressed up and deliberate when paired with a piece so special. I could go anywhere in this outfit. Cocktails, date night, outdoor fashion show - I think so!

Beaded Jacket: Thrifted    Tank Top: J Crew 'Vintage Cotton Tank'    Jeans: J Crew High Rise (Similar HERE)    Heels: J Crew 'Lanie'    Clutch: Thrifted    Geometric Necklace: J Crew (Other wonderful options HERE)    Other Jewelry: Thrifted    Sunglasses: Target

Vintage Beaded Caridgan
J Crew 'Lanie' High Heel Sandal
Vintage Beaded Cardigan
J Crew High Rise Denim
Vintage Beaded Cardigan like Altuzarra for Target