That Zara Skort
Zara Denim Jacket

Yes - this damn Zara mini-skort has been all over the blogosphere for months (years?)  - but for good reason - it's completely awesome.

I'm no spring chic so I tend to shy away from really youthful clothing (this skort being one of them) but I just fell in love with the look of it and decided I had to try it. To my surprise I found it to be easy to wear and easy to style. I use this piece of clothing Spring to Winter - day to night - formal to informal. It's almost like their an undercover tuxedo sent here to relieve us of the question 'What should I wear?'. GET THEM ON YOUR BODY NOW.

Jacket: Zara    T Shirt: J Crew Vintage Cotton Cap Sleeve    Skort: Zara    Boots: Frye Carson Shortie   Bracelets: Vintage

Zara Mini Skort 2
Zara Mini Skort 3
Frye Carson Shortie 2
Zara Mini Skort
Frye Carson Shortie