Unplugging on Vacation

I took a vacation last week. An ACTUAL VACATION with just me and my husband. No inlaws, no holidays to celebrate, no work conferences, no computers, and most importantly; no blog. I'd been feeling a little fried and knew a break would do me some good, but letting go for a week was a little terrifying. What would happen to my traffic? What brand new fashion would I miss out on? But conversely, what would happen if I didn't allow myself a break. After several mini anxiety attacks and some cathartic heart-to-hearts with my husband, I decided a full on rest and reset would do me the most good so I unplugged from my blog.

Here's what happened:

I had more fun using Instagram. Forgoing fashion to let the world be my focus was quite liberating and I felt like an artist again. Remembering to see the world around me (instead of what's on me) is something I plan to remind myself of every morning.

I realized how much I want the world to see me the way I see myself and how bad that might be. I've gone to great lengths to edit, polish, and even restrict what I'm publishing about myself in the interest of preserving my persona. We all do this to some extent, but I plan to scrub off some of the veneer to let my humanity show.

But running along side the heady chatter of what I want to do differently/better, I realized how much I actually enjoy blogging! I missed it! The work, the highs and lows, the community, the beauty! I would see a stylish girl on the street and want to chat her up about her outfit. I'd see a beautiful location and want to go back for a shoot (as pictured). I love to dress with care and intention and blogging gives me the outlet and community to run with it. So, while unplugging did me some good, I'm more happy to be plugged back in!

Shirt: Madewell (Love this one too!)// Shorts: J Crew (Love these and these too!) // Bikini top: J Crew // Hat: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Quay

J Crew Linen Emroidered Tassel Short
J Crew Linen Embroidered Tassel Short
Madewell Courtyard Shirtdress