Road Trip Blues

Tank: Nordstrom // Jeans: Vintage Levis (Love these, and these!) // Jacket: Levis // Mules: J Crew // Saddlebag: Madewell // Scarf: CO Blluemade // Sunglasses: Quay // Pins: Mostly Vintage (Great collection here) Added 'No F**** Given' and these horoscope pins too!

Well if a turquoise T-Bird doesn't make you want to take a road trip ala Thelma and Louise, then I don't know what will!

A woman on the open road doesn't need fancy frocks and jewels: she needs her best friend and her tried and true blues. Road trippin' isn't about what's on you, it's about what's around you, and when I'm out here in the great wide open I feel best in vintage Levi's, a simple tank, and a scarf to keep my hair (somewhat) controlled. A vintage-y leather saddlebag and worn-in mules get tossed in the back and slipped on only for pit-stops and gas station roberies. (Or tucking a cop into the trunk of his cruiser.) Glamorous shades and a smear of red lipstick are my only hints at a genteel life; those and my collection of vintage brooches and pins. And as a constant reminder of the outlaw within, I'm wearing my new favorite piece-de-resistance: a 'No Fuqs Given' pin that feels oh so right out here on the road.


Madewell Savannah Saddlebag
Vintage Brooches and Pins on Levis Trucker Jacket
Madewell Savannah Saddlebag
Madewell Savannah Saddlebag
Vintage Levis Denim Jacket
Heather Wyancko, Forage Fashion
Vintage Levis, Blogger Style
Vintage Levis
Vintage Brooches and Pins on Levis Trucket Jacker
Levis Denim Road Trip Style
Madewell Savannah Saddlebag
Vintage Levis, Thelma and Louise Style
Blluemade Linen Scarf, Forage Fashion