Polka Dot Romper

Romper: Thrifted    Vintage Silk Scarf (Worn as Belt): Thrifted    Shoes: Zara    Handbag: J Crew 'Biennial Satchel'    Sunglasses: Quay 'Kittie Cat'

Today I'm channelling the youth of my grandmothers. Perhaps I romanticize the era during their coming of age, but I truly admire the patriotism of the American 1940s. While our men were fighting a war abroad, we women were fighting the same war from our posts at home. Although there was tremendous pain endured by people of this time, I like to think instead about the resolve of our foremothers working hand in hand as a synergistic collective to preserve our American way of life.

Ever noticed the 'quintessential portraits' from the time are always of elegantly dressed women with their uniformed men either leaving or returning from war.


They're compelling and they're wonderful little snapshots in time - but I absolutely love the photos of what remained after the men took leave. These aren't just photos of women walking on the street - they're of women walking home from their jobs in factories and hospitals. No 'ladies lunching' - these are photos of women fulfilling their daily commitment to the wellbeing of their families, their flag, and their future. 

As homage to the courage and grace of my grandmothers, I've dressed myself the way these hearty women did.

Quay Kittie Cat Eye Sunglasses
Polka Dot Romper
Vintage Polka Dot Romper

What I think I love most about this time is the unconditional support offered up not only to the husbands, brothers, and fathers - but to the nation and to the conviction that freedom must be preserved not only at home, but abroad. I love my country and I love its bombastic history - So God bless you, God bless me, and God bless our America.