Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

With less than a week left of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale you'd better get your ass in there and make some decisions! My advice is to forgo anything summer-y and invest in items you can wear this fall. I always find it hard to make room in my budget for pricey things like coats and boots so I take full advantage of these sale prices to get a head start on sprucing up my fall/winter wardrobe staples. Can you guess which pieces I bought?!?

Happy shopping!

::::::::::::::MY ACTUAL PURCHASES::::::::::::::


After comparing and contrasting alllllll the over-the-knee boots for a week and half,  I wound up buying two pairs of black ankle boots, a rust-red pair of ankle boots, and a wool camel wrap coat. I love these brands and couldn't resist the sale prices, plus they'll go with EVERYTHING all season long.