Midi Skirt Madness!

Midi-length skirts and dresses are everywhere right now and I, for one, LOVE IT!

Though at the moment 'trendy', this shape is actually completely classic. My mom was the first woman I knew to rock the midi. She would wear (and make) the most beautiful full length circle skirts. They always made her waist looked tiny, her legs endless - the flow of all that fabric was so feminine. I know I gravitate towards this style because it connects me to my first images of how a woman should look - ladylike and elegant. (And also because it's an incredibly easy style to wear - instant waist definition and instant forgiveness on lower body flaws -YEAH!)

I've seen a number of options available on various retail websites (the most accessible at Asos and Zara) but I have a hard time paying $60+ for a single skirt, especially when there are so many less expensive options (and I mean TONS) available at my thrift stores.

I found these skirts at a Salvation Army. I'm very picky about fabrics - especially when I thrift - and these skirts, each made of 100% silk, fit my requirement for natural fibers. On the rack they had a bit of an old-lady vibe - but I know with a little imagination and the right tops and shoes, these skirts will be the perfect interpretation of spring's Midi-length trend.