Holiday Party Casual
J Crew Edie Grande in Leopard Calf Hair

Every December brings those work related holiday happy-hours and 'industry mixers' that you're basically required to go to. You know what I'm talking about... those Wednesday night cocktail parties you hit with a few of your office mates to get a little face time with the people you do business with. They're pretty fun, right? Who doesn't love cocktails with clients?... Beers with the buyers?... Patron with the patrons?

But what to wear? It's a 'holiday party', so does that mean sparkly cleavage? It's also 'work', so does that mean khakis and a button down? No and no. My advice: keep it clean, but be a little festive. No one likes a party pooper!

Pants: J Crew 'Cafe Capri' (Sold Out, Try J Crew's 'Campbell Capri' or 'Maddie Pant') // Sweater: Gap 'Merino Turtleneck Sweater' // Jacket: Miss Sixty (Old, Similar HERE) // Ankle Boots: Michael Kors (Similar HERE)// Clutch: J Crew 'Edie Grande' in Leopard Calf Hair (Sold Out, Similar HERE) // Scarf: Zara 'Knitted Scarf' // Sunglasses: Spitfire 'Coco' (Availabe at Asos) // Cuffs: Forever 21 // Ring: Capwell and Co. 'Gold Caged Triangle Knuckle Ring'

Michael Kors Leopard Calf Hair Ankle Boot
Zara Knitted Scarf
J Crew 'Cafe Capri' in Wool
Zara Knitted Scarf
J Crew Edie Grande in Leopard Calf hair
J Crew Cafe Capri in Wool
Zara Knitted Scarf

As you see, I chose skinny red pants, a few dashes of leopard print, and some shiny gold accents. I tucked all that under a chunky scarf and coat because my comrads and I will probably bar hop, and I refuse to FREEZE while runnin' the streets! Amiright?

Seasons Greetings everyone!!! (and Merry Christmas too!)