The Faux Thigh High
Faux Thigh High Tights

I'm old enough to have worn the thigh high trend last time around in the nineties (Clueless, anyone?) and man did I rock the hell out of that look. Perhaps because I wore it the previous time means I shouldn't wear it the next, but there is a modified version of the Clueless era thigh-high that's perfect for a woman of my age and body type.

What I'm wearing is actually a full length, waist high, tight. The 'sock' portion has a slightly more opaque dernier than the 'skin' portion. I love these because the sock doesn't fall down, it doesn't pinch my skin and create a 'roll', and they're as sexy as a thigh high, but as comfortable as a regular tight. Go ahead - you have my permission to substitute the faux thigh high wherever you would normally wear a black tight.

Dress: Asos Mini Shift Dress with V Neck    Blouse: J Crew Blythe (Similar Here)    Shoes: Schutz Darted Toe Pump    Necklace: J Crew (Similar Here)    Tights: Urban Outfitters Faux Thigh High    Clutch: Thrifted