Easy Gaucho Style
Forever 21 Pleated Gaucho Pants

Gauchos: Forever 21 // Cami: Zara (Old, Similar) // Mules: J Crew // Bucket Bag: J Crew // Hat: (Old from Key West, Similar) // Tassel Necklace: J Crew (Old, Similar, Love this one and this one too!) // Chevron Necklace: Forever 21 // Aviators: Ray-Ban

Learning to demonstrate a little restraint when getting dressed has taken me most of my life to figure out! I love fashion acrobatics and clever layerings of pattern and texture but I'm realizing I don't have to reinvent the wheel to pull together a sophisticated and stylish look. Like this outfit... Could a white tank paired with black gauchos be any simpler? Or chicer? It feels a little bit like cheating because it's so obvious a combination, but it looks and feels great! It works for a week day coffee meeting or for a Saturday stroll. I might even throw this on for dinner with the girls. Easy styles are what we live our lives in and I'm happy to celebrate that reality!

I tends to be a bit of a loyalist to J Crew's 'extras'. I love their jewelry (like this tasseled necklace) and their shoes and bags (like these patterned mules and bucket bag). Though simple and unassuming, they add a little interest to my basic clothing. 

I watched that old Melanie Griffith movie Working Girl a few nights ago and as awful as Sigourney Weaver's 'Katharine' character is she delivers a wonderful Coco Chanel quote that I've never forgotten. 'Dress shabbily and they notice the dress. Dress immpecably and they notice the woman.' I think about that pearl of wisdom when dressing sometimes and it helps me choose the clothing that let's ME, THE WOMAN, be noticed. Clothing like I'm wearing today...


J Crew Downing Bucket Bag and Ray-Ban Aviators
J Crew Downing Bucket Bag
Forever 21 Pleated Gaucho Pants
J Crew Downing Bucket Bag
Starw Hat, Blogger Style Summer 2015
J Crew Marlow Mules and Downing Bucket Bag
J Crew Blogger Style, Summer 2015