A New Balance

Jeans: J Brand // Blouse: Forever 21 // Raincoat: J Crew (Old, Similar, Love this one too!) // Denim Jacket: Levis // Sneakers: New Balance for J Crew // Sunglasses: Spitfire 

Pumps, boots, sandals... obsessed. Shop them constantly. Buy them constantly. Around them I build entire outfits... wardrobes, even. It's Ironic then, that my collection of trainers is a pile of well-worn leather held together with tattered strings. Just the way I like 'em, actually. But, after a quick stop-in at J Crew, where I saw these out of the corner of my eye, I decided it might be time for a new pair of kicks. 

So what made me pull the trigger on these? Firstly, I'm loyal to the comfort of New Balance and partial to the collaborations J Crew does with sneaker companies. Secondly, I'm very particular about which colors are on my feet. I like red and I like blue: anything else will sit idle in my closet. Lastly, after trying them on and prancing from mirror to mirror, I realized just how good a fresh pair of sneakers looks(and feels and the good it does for the rest of the body. 

I love them! They're breaking in nicely, people of both sexes constantly rave, and I'm stoked to have a cute new pair of sneakers to wear to an upcoming 5k. All in all... a great purchase!