501 Blues
Zara Fatigue Jacket

These are my favorite jeans. They're a size too big, threadbare, falling apart, and doing practically nothing for my ass - but they look and feel so cool because they're the real deal - VINTAGE LEVI'S 501s. The cherry on top? I got 'em on ebay for $15.

Shirt: Zara    Jacket: Zara    Jeans: Vintage Levis 501 (Many Options Here, or do and Ebay search for men's Levi 501s and save $200)   Shoes: Report Signature 'Murphy' (Available at Amazon)    Scarf: Zara Khaki Wool Scarf (Similar Here)    Purse: Magnes Sisters 'Lady Chain Crossbody' (Waitlisted at Gilt.com)   Glasses: Thrifted (for $1!)

Zara Khaki Wool Scarf
Vintage Levis 501
Vintage Levis 501
Magnes Sisters Crossbody